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Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery

Recover Passwords to Email Accounts and Profiles

Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery instantly retrieves the locally stored login and password information protecting email accounts and profiles, and supports many popular email clients. With the help of the included POP3/IMAP Server Emulator, Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery retrieves passwords to POP3 and IMAP accounts from all email clients in existence.

Features and Benefits

  • Recovers passwords to multiple email clients
  • Recovers passwords to all accounts
  • Retrieves send (SMTP) and receive (POP3/IMAP) passwords
  • Recovers profile passwords and master-passwords
  • Recovers POP3/IMAP passwords in all email clients with the POP3/IMAP Server Emulator
  • Retrieves passwords to uninstalled email clients
  • Recovers corrupted email databases and installations
  • Fully automatic operation displays all passwords at once
  • Fully manual operation supports corrupted email clients and databases

Universal Compatibility

Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery can recover login and password information to POP3 and IMAP accounts from any email client in existence. The included POP3/IMAP Server Emulator intercepts the login and password information sent to an email server.

Mobile Clients

Forgetting a POP3 or IMAP password on a mobile client such as a cell phone or Windows Mobile communicator may be impossible to recover without Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery, but could not be easier with it. Just replace the POP3/IMAP server on the mobile device with the address of POP3/IMAP Server Emulator, and Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery will intercept and display the password the moment your mobile device connects to the server to check for new messages.

Instant Recovery

Run Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery and see all email passwords at once! Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery scans your system and retrieves all types of passwords to supported email clients in just seconds.

Passwords to Corrupted Mailboxes

In manual mode, Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery recovers passwords to corrupted email databases, and can operate even if an email client has been uninstalled.

Supported Email Clients

  • Microsoft Internet Mail and News
  • Eudora
  • TheBat! and TheBat! Voyager
  • Netscape Navigator/Communicator Mail
  • Pegasus mail
  • Calypso mail
  • FoxMail
  • Phoenix Mail
  • IncrediMail
  • @nyMail
  • QuickMail Pro
  • MailThem
  • Opera mail
  • Kaufman Mail Warrior
  • Becky!
  • Internet Mail

Local Account Operation

Please note that Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery can recover lost or forgotten password from the local account only, and requires you to be logged in to the system. This product cannot be used to retrieve somebody else’s passwords.